Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let's Play the Glad Game!

Things that make me glad;

-The midwife telling me it's difficult to feel my uterus under all my (rock hard) abs....oh yeah
-Freshly vacuumed rugs
-Christmas that starts the beginning of November (like at my house)
-Hearing my bebe's heartbeat. I could listen to that cute little sound forever
-Reading. All the time at every spare second.
-Gloves on a cold day. Everything is ok as long as my hands aren't cold.
-Hot chocolate in the morning instead of coffee
-Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman in ANYTHING
-The glorious thick and luscious hair that comes with being pregnant
-Sleeping enough
-Triple kitty snuggles
-A clean kitchen to wake up to
-Visits with Zeff and Ceder <3
-Planning my honeymoon! Way more fun than planning the wedding.
-A completed TO DO list
-Downward facing dog to plank to upwards facing dog. The most satisfying yoga flow
-When my kitty eats the bird seed the birdies throw out of their cage....little fatty nom nom nom
-Skyping with my sister Brittany in New Zealand
-And making lists of things that make me glad :)

Have a lovely long weekend remembering. And enjoying baffling over 11-11-11 tomorrow!!


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