Monday, November 21, 2011

4 months down, 5 to go!

16 week old fetus

Dear My baby Minnow,

You are now 16 weeks old, and you can officially hear my voice now! How cool is that? I've been singing to you lots and telling you jokes. I put daddy's headphones on my belly so you could hear some of my favourite music last night; it was the first time I felt you move inside me :) It felt like little butterflies doing back flips ever so slightly. I can't wait til you're a bit bigger and I will be able to feel you kicking and hiccuping. I know your daddy is excited to feel you move and we're both excited for our first ultrasound coming up, especially excited to find out if you're a little girl minnow or a boy minnow. I think you're a girl, and your daddy thinks your a boy. Whatever you are we can't wait to meet you! I already love you with all my heart, and now that the worst of the morning sickness has passed, I'm really enjoying this one on one time we're getting :)

Keep in growing Minnow!

Love Momma

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