Monday, July 25, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

On Saturday the Mr and I met up with some of my family to cheer on my little brother Logan at his baseball games. Here are some of the best shots of the day. All the great shots of actual baseball were taken by my sister Jordyn. And all of the great shots of clouds were me :) That definitely sums us up! lol

My Dad!

My Josh!

Josh's feetsies

Sister Jordyn in very cute outfit

Josh being serious, and Me, compulsively eating sunflower seeds. I can never get enough of sunflower seeds..

Nanaimo Pirates!

Cotton Clouds

Brother Logan <3

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Sister Jordyn

Big League Chew!

By game 2 these two dreamers found playing on the park to be more fun.... (never of us follow sports, but we wanted to show some support for my little bro)

Josh said this was his favourite picture of me lol

My awesome thrifted $3 shoes

I like to accessorize with leather.

My Dad "Where's Josh?" Me "In the tree" My Dad "LOL"


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