Monday, July 4, 2011

Pretty Wedding Inspirations!

Pretty engagement photo shoot! Josh and I are having our engagement shoot (almost two years after the proposal!) in the next couple weeks! Stay tuned :)


I'm liking blue shoes for my something blue... no to find perfect blue shoes...

Cute card box. I think we're going to have an antique bird cage for ours.

Pretty twinkles

Simple and silly invitation. Josh made ours and we STILL haven't sent them out... 

Another idea for cards; vintage suitcase.

Cute flags and flowers.

I absolutely ADORE her lace dress/veil/blonde bob/roses!

This is Elsie from A Beautiful Mess's Idea; only paint the ring finger with sparkles. It's her "married finger" lol. I've started doing this and I love it.

This is Elsie from A Beautiful Mess's Wedding party. I really like the neutral bridesmaid's dresses and jewel toned tights.

I googled brunette brides and got this. LOVE!

This is what I'm thinking of doing for makeup.  Simple mod/vintage cat eyes.

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