Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding To Do List

I thought if I put my to do list on here, I might get some suggestions and idea from YOU! Also, it might motivate me to get a move on actually doing all of these projects!

Let me know what you think :)

-Invitations!! My stepmomma is helping me with these which takes a big load off!
I love the organic look of this one.

Since we are both Djs....this would be perfect.

   -Bridal Bouquet
   -Bridesmaid's silk flower and feather bouquets (DIY)
   -Groomsmen boutonnieres (DIY)
-Centerpieces (we're having a cocktail reception, kind of like a casual buffet, so we only need a couple)

-Lanterns for dancefloor (DIY) paper circle and stars to catch the light

-Wedding Arch decorations. On the rooftop we're we are having the ceremony, there is an archway we'll say our vows underneath.  I want to add something too it..... maybe kind of like beaded curtains with crystals to catch the light...? Or toule? 
This is the roof top arch

The View of Victoria's inner harbour.
Inside the Penthouse suite where the ceremony will be. We also get to have it for the bridal party to get ready in, and for Josh and My wedding night!

Swans Hotel where the wedding will be. You can see the arch on the roof!
Inside the Penthouse
Where the reception will be in the Marquee room in the basement of the hotel! We'll put the lanterns over the dance floor

-Flower girls' flower crowns. We're not able to throw pedals at our location, so I wanted to decorated them in flowers and have them blow bubbles as they lead the processional.

-Guest Book.... I'd like to do something original, that's not like the average guest book.

Typewrite Guest book!
Photo guest book everyone can sign

Scrapbook style guest book

Finger print guest book. So cute! I like this one the best!

Guest book box

That's all I can think of for now....

It's so exciting!!! :D


  1. love the fingerprint guestbook!

    Also, I thought these looked really cool/easy/cheap to make and might use them for our wedding if we do any outdoor decorating stuff: http://ruffledblog.com/diy-string-wedding-chandelier/

  2. I LOVE THOSE!! That would be sweet for our outdoor arch way!! Thanks!