Sunday, December 30, 2012

Home sweet Home

The past week has glided by- not too slow or too fast. The exact amount of time needed in the mountains. I feel like a snake shedding a skin of anxiety and stress. Ready to slither into the new year, shiny and fresh. That last week was exactly what I needed. I got to do everything I wrote about doing in my last post. kaleia was a dream bebe, and defnitely loves to travel. She loves to explore and be on the move, as long as I'm right there with her.
 It was cozy, real and perfect. We had long, good talks. We argued, then made up. I got frustrated at times- being on someone else schedule, having to abide by the predetermined tasks. But in the end it was humbling, and made me grateful for my life, and my home. Exactly what I needed.

These two <3

Coziest of kitchen's at J's Step Mom Sandie's home where we stayed.

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