Monday, September 10, 2012

Time Flies...

I really can't believe how fast this summer has flown by! I didn't realize how much I've neglected my blog til now!!

Here's a little update on my summer:
-We've totally settled into our new home and we absolutely LOVE it here!
-I got my learners license! For those of you who know me know how big a deal this is. And since I had my L in England I don't have to wait a year to get my N! So I'm taking driving lessons and hoping to be driving myself in our new car by November.
-We got a family membership to the YMCA and I've been working out HARD. And have lost almost all my baby weight :D It feels so good to have full range of motion in my body again. I really didn't like how limiting pregnancy is.
-Our little minnow Kaleia is blossoming and growing every minute! We cant imagine our life without her now. I simply love waking up to her smilely little face everyday. She is everything I dreamed my little girl to be and more. We are so in love!!
-I just got accepted into the Moksha Yoga energy exchange program again! Which means I'll be balls deep into hot yoga again! The YMCA does offer yoga classes, but I prefer my yoga HOT and sweaty! I plan to go to the gym in the mornings and hot yoga in the evenings. I'm going to be so buff I can't wait. What I've learned about myself this past couple months, that the things that make me happy have shifted from the nightlife, partying and socalizing to working out, family life and healthiness. I just feel better all around when I'm active, eating healthy and not heavily drinking. It really is  a win win situation. I've had enough night time fun for a lifetime. It's time to fully enjoy the mornings and day :)
-I started working with kids again from my home. Part time right now, but full time coming October. I am ready, and can't wait to be challanged and inspired by lots of little people.

So I guess I could say life is pretty fabulous right now. I feel like I'm living my dream. And loving every minute of it!

True happy ness!

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