Sunday, February 13, 2011

I feel as though, I very well may, blast off, at any instant.

I have been a mix between abundantly inspired to the point of combustion, and exhausted, from trying to do all the many hobbies I have.

This is a peak at the massive list of TO DOs I try to squeeze in to each day;

art- creating something at least every day,

music, in the background, always.

fashion, expressed in each daily outfit

fun kid adventures,my specialty as well as day job.

thrifting (when I have funds),and every chance I get.

photography, documenting as I go

poetry- it just spills out. Its more of a compulsion... OCD with rhyming.

yoga, to keep my stress down and smile up

reading fantasy, young adult fiction, hilarious woman dramas, sci-fi, and most of all poetry. I try to start and end each day with written words.

kitty play time. "Kitty trumps all" is law in our home.

house wife duties, tending to my organizing

re-decorating, transforming every room! I am thinking of turning my living room into my "shop", for online selling of vintage and hand made treasures. I am now in need of a rack for extra clothing,shelving, and some sort of back drop fro photo shoots...? THAT is going to be a really fun.

furniture restoration. I'm making a station for my vinyl out of an old, once ugly dresser.

cooking, really trying to eat organically and fresh

gardening, it turns out, my thumb is green :D

and blogging about all of the above,

Phew! No wonder I'm starting to run out of steam. I also think my excess hot yoga is draining me of vitality faster than I can replace it. And I can not sacrifice sleep. Sleep will not let me. So I need to now master the art of juggling, and try to spend a little time each day on each of my goals. I need to use my time wisely. I tend micro-manage, but also have a little wiggle room for a little spontaneity from time to time. I must remember to breath. I sometimes run on such a high frequency, I burn out. And cry. It happens. And when it does I'm thankful for music and chocolate. And my best friends. :)

Now with all these amazing projects on the go, I feel each day is more exciting, purposeful, and bubbling over with creativity. I think I may be on my way to living the dream... or already there?

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